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Enjoy different types of rejuvenating facials at Heavenly Beauty at Lichfield.

Relaxing Beauty treatments in Lichfield


At Heavenly Beauty, we believe that beauty treatments are there to enhance your natural look. We offer a range of treatments to make you feel great about yourself, whether that's getting you hair free for your holiday, or doing your make up in preparation for your big day! Take a look at our beauty treatments below.


Manicure - Nails are filed, cuticles softened and excess cuticles removed. A relaxing hand

massage before nail polish is applied.

45 minutes - £18.00


Pedicure - Feet are soaked then nails are trimmed and filed and cuticles are softened and excess cuticles removed. Relaxing foot and leg massage before nail polish is applied.

50 minutes - £20.00      with Polish - £22.00


Manicure & pedicure - 1 hour 45 minutes - £34.00 (With polish - £36.00)


Luxury manicure or pedicure - A lovely treat for the hands or feet. Nails are filed, cuticle removed, exfoliated to get rid of dead skin. A mask is applied then placed in warm mitts or boots. A relaxing massage before nail polish.


Manicure (1 hour 20 minutes) - £25.00

Pedicure (1 hour 20 minutes) - £27.00


Dont forget to bring your flipflop.


Half leg - £14.00

Three quarter leg - £18.00

Full leg - £25.00

Half leg & bikini - £25.00

Full leg & bikini - £28.00

Bikini - £12.00

Deeper Bikini - £16.00

Underarm - £10.00

Eyebrow - £7.00

Lip - £7.00

Chin - £7.00

Lip & chin - £12.00

Back - £28.00

Eye care

Eyelash and eyebrow tint, enhance your own lashes and brows.


Eyebrow tint - £8.00

Eyelash tint - £9.50

Eyebrow shape - £8.50

Eyebrow and lash tint with eyebrow tidy - £20.00

Eyebrow tint and shape - £13.00

Party lashes - £22.00


"I've had a few lovely treatments now at Heavenly Beauty"


- Wendy Nugget


"Simone is passionate about her work and sources the products she uses which are mostly organic and is very knowledgeable about such products." - H Geobey

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