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Experience peace and serenity, with a holistic treatment, by Simone of Heavenly Beauty, Lichfield

Reiki is a Japanese healing system meaning universal life energy. The word Rei-means universal. The word Ki-means life force. Reiki releases and transforms energy, it heals on a physical,mental and spiritual level. This gentle hands-on technique can be practised on yourself and others to help people become totally relaxed and stress free, healing the cause of illness and imbalances. Each individual experiences reiki in their own way.

Becoming Attuned to Reiki

A reiki attunement is how you can become a reiki practitioner. Being attuned to reiki gives you the ability to easily access the reiki universal life force.

Attunement can only be given by a reiki master teacher. The attunement is the most special part of the reiki course. This is when your own channel to reiki energy is activated enabling you to access this healing energy, at will, for life.


This is a life-changing moment as you start to see the world and yourself differently. It heightens awareness and starts the beginning of a spiritual, mental and physical cleansing process. When you have been attuned to reiki, you can now start to heal yourself and others.

Level 1 Training Course- What You Will Learn

Morning Session


Aura cleansing


Reiki history

Reiki principles

Attunement 1&2



Afternoon Session


Attunement 3&4

Journal discussion

21 day cleanse

Reiki treatment

Closing meditation


This one day course costs £135.00 

Level 2 Training Course- Reiki Training Centre

Day 1


Cleanse aura/mediation

Review since level 1 Training

Introduction to level ll training

Attument to level ll

Reiki symbols



Afternoon Session


Positive affirmations

Reiki mediation on symbols

Closing meditation


Day 2 Training


Positive affirmations

Healing box/symbols

Learning symbols.


This two day course costs £160.00 


Reiki training can be a one to one or small groups depending on your preference.

Days can be arranged to suit you, Simone will also travel to events and venues to do training.

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